Picture 1-""Fag" &"Gay" are written in circles on Keith's buttocks,wrists,back,&shoulders. Picture 2-Senator Sherrod Brown's Aide asks"Who discovered these numbers&writing on your son's body?" Pictures 3-5- These is an investigative report from private investigator Howard Eisenman.-This been deleted from this page&are on the San Diego Medical Examiner Pages -Pictures 6-13 are from the pages of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner Report. Picture 14-This is a letter from Colonel Tremaine from the Armed Forces Medical Examiner's Office in Dover, Delaware stating the authenticity of Keith's autopsy pictures&reports-We spoke to Colonel Tremaine regarding questions about Keith's autopsy. He told us he was not aware of Keith's autopsy report&photos. Picture 15- This is Keith full-face motorcycle helmet. "Fag"&"Gay"are written inside the helmet-Some slurs are a little hard to see, but if you look long enough, these can be seen.