Picture 1- Keith's mattress from Spring Valley,CA.-There are the words "Fag"&"Gay" written on the mattress. They are hard to see, but can be seen if you look hard enough. 2-Picture 2-Keith's right ear-Why should there be numbers imprints in Keith's right ear or left ear? "Fag" and "Gay" are written on his right ear(top part) &with numbers near the inner part of the ear. Picture3-Another picture of his full-faced motorcycle helmet with "Fag"&"Gay" written inside his motorcycle helmet. Please use a magnifying glass to see them better. Picture 4- "Gay" and "Fag" are written in circles on Keith's right arm and back. Picture 5- A picture of a lady and a baby are looking at Keith's penis is drawn on Keith's left leg(Penis cropped out in consideration of Keith's family and friends.)Picture 6-"Fag" is written in a circle on Keith's left ankle. Picture 7-"Fag" is written in the first top circle. "Gay"&"Fag" are written in the second circle. " "Gay" is written in the third. "Fag" is written in the fourth(Very hard to see that one because of the writing.)