Picture 1-"Skull-shaped " bloodstain on Keith's bloodstain on Keith's bedroom carpet-"Gay" and "Fag" written on the left side&on top of the bloodstain. Picture 2-There are 2 holes in Keith's living room ceiling. Picture 3-"Fag" is written on the carpet in front of the mirror next to Keith's body. PIcture 4-"Fag"&"Gay"written on Keith's living room ceiling. Picture 5-"Fag" is written in the left corner in the circle next to Keith's bedboard. Picture 6-Picture 6-"Gay" is written on Keith's leather headboard. Picture 7-See picture in AFME 1. Picture 8-"Fag"&"Gay" are written on Keith's desk and surrounding wall and carpet. Picture 9-"Fag"&"Gay" are writtenon Keith's dresser&dresser drawers. Pictures 10&11-"Fag"&"Gay" are written on Keith's leather footboard &headboard.