Pictures 1-3: Investigation Report from Able Legal Investigations. Picture 4-5: Evaluation of quantity of blood on three swabs from Keith's 40 Caliber Taurus. Pictures 6&7-Letters from Keith's girlfriend Shio is in blank ink. Letter in blue is from another woman. Picture 8-Keith's dress shirt we received from Spring Valley,CA. "Fag" and "Gay" are written in circles on bloody shirt. Picture 9-"Fag" and "Gay" are written in circles on Keith's living room ceiling-A little hard to see,some of the letters are in capital  letters. Picture 10-Whole picture of Keith's shirt. Picture 11-Keith's 40 Caliber Taurus-"Gay" is written on the handle and on the right of the handle in the circle. Picture 12- "Gay" and "Fag" are written in circles on Keith's letter bench-Ask yourself this-If "Gay" and "Fag" are on Keith's bench, why wouldn't they be written on Keith's living room ceiling, bedroom wall, and bedroom carpet?